2016 So Far

The  new novel “Serious Sweet” will appear this May. It’s a political love story set in London just before the last general election and taking place over the course of 24 hours – during which the two protagonists may gain or lose everything…


The new Dr Who book “Dr Who and the Drosten’s Curse” came out earlier this year in paperback and is still making readings interesting with Whovians in attendance and some very young listeners for some usually rather more adult language passages

You can see a reading for Word Factory lat April here   and the question and answer here. And there will be a new couple of events this spring with them

More radio outings are planned.

You may now view the, we think, final performance of WORDS in Berlin here and here and here . The first section is an introduction in German and then you’ll get the show.

You can find dates for readings and other events posted here.

And we had fun recording the radio drama called “Subterranean Homesick Blues” for BBC Radio Four. With Bill Nighy and Anna Calder Marshall…IMG_20150821_105850 (2) Who is shorter…

The usual appearances around the country and the world will continue. And you can listen to a reading at Kings Place in London last year here.