ALK Events Schedule

ALK gigs all over the place all the time, so this may not be an exhaustive list of readings, appearances, speaking events, panel events and so forth that involve ALK. Some events are also closed and may not be available to members of the public.

If you would like to have an event listed, please get in touch with Department 5.


  • 31st March, Highland Literary Salon
  • 27th April, Eurostars event at Europe House, 32 Smith Square
  • 19th March, Word Factory workshop and Reading, Waterstone’s, Piccadilly
  • 28th April, Stratford Upon Avon Literary Festival – workshop and reading
  • May/June – possible Dublin and Listowell Festivals
  • 3rd July – Southbank Event, London – event with Philippe Sands
  • August events in Edinburgh TBC

Other events will be announced as the year progresses…

ALK News & Events 2016

Department 5 has relocated to Oxford, but is otherwise at your service as before.

If you want to get in touch with ALK please email Department 5, care of

Antony Harwood,


2016 has involved radio essays for BBC Radio Three and there should be more essays to come, with perhaps another documentary.  This year may see the release of the German film version of Original Bliss/ Gleissendes Gluck. There will be the usual readings, workshops and events and perhaps a trip to the United States. More detailed information is available on the schedule page.



2015 has already seen readings across Germany and Switzerland and the usual crop of festivals and events throughout the UK. Watch out for ALK at the EIBF later this month and at the Guernsey Literary Festival in September. Later in the year, she’ll be at the Literary Kitchen Festival in Peckham and she even has a gig in lovely Cove. There will also be events for the Warwick Prize and the Forward Prizes. Much fun was also had with the latest play for BBC Radio Four.


2014 will see ALK gigs at the Ullapool Festival, Jewish Book Week, the Macclesfield Literary and Philosophical Society. There will be more spooky radio drama and there is other radio work on the way.

We also have more news from the US launch of “All The Rage”. You can listen to an interview on KUCI-FM here and there’s a review here from Kirkus.


After events in Bristol, Berlin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dartington, Dublin and many other elsewheres, in the 2013 ALK will be appearing in Salford on 12th October and at the Ilkley Festival on 13th October and the Dundee Book Festival on 25th October. On 9th November, she will be speaking at a Mumsnet conference at King’s Place in London.

The new sitcom for Radio Scotland “Legend of the Holyrood Vampires” was broadcast for Halloween.

If you would like to book ALK for any future events, please go to the Booking ALK Resource at the side of this page. And there’s a piece here mentioning what your evening may be like if you do go ahead and arrange a gig.

Wicked Wenches

wenchesA.L.Kennedy no longer performs at Wicked Wenches. It was lovely for all the time it was possible and then things just go too busy. Club comedy generally doesn’t seem to be happening just now, but all manner of insane “fusion” gigs do seem to be taking place, along with talks and the one person show. Hopefully, the next Edinburgh Festival will see some more work on stage in one way or another…

2016 So Far

The  new novel “Serious Sweet” will appear this May. It’s a political love story set in London just before the last general election and taking place over the course of 24 hours – during which the two protagonists may gain or lose everything…


The new Dr Who book “Dr Who and the Drosten’s Curse” came out earlier this year in paperback and is still making readings interesting with Whovians in attendance and some very young listeners for some usually rather more adult language passages

You can see a reading for Word Factory lat April here   and the question and answer here. And there will be a new couple of events this spring with them

More radio outings are planned.

You may now view the, we think, final performance of WORDS in Berlin here and here and here . The first section is an introduction in German and then you’ll get the show.

You can find dates for readings and other events posted here.

And we had fun recording the radio drama called “Subterranean Homesick Blues” for BBC Radio Four. With Bill Nighy and Anna Calder Marshall…IMG_20150821_105850 (2) Who is shorter…

The usual appearances around the country and the world will continue. And you can listen to a reading at Kings Place in London last year here.