Department 5


As A.L.Kennedy now lives and works in London. (for which she can only apologise) the address for Department 5 – a shadowy organisation about which it’s best you know nothing – has now altered. They like to keep moving. And may well move again. If you would like to post something (legal and unfrightening) to ALK please do so using the following address.

Department 5
c/o Antony Harwood
103 Walton Street

Replies may be tardy or non-existent. A.L. Kennedy–related writing and comments may be included in the website if the Department feels that you’ve got into the whole spirit of the thing. The Department also welcomes suggestions for what the A.L. should actually stand for and we already have our first crop of possible names.

Suggestions from harebrainedschemez:

  • Always Loopy
  • Awfully Lovely
  • Alternative Lexicon
  • Almighty Linguist
  • Antithesis Leper
  • Aural Lollypop
  • Alakazam Laryngitis
  • Almond Ladybits
  • Anguished Lover
  • Appendage Lure
  • Apothocary Literacy

As mentioned elsewhere, the Department takes a dim view of humorous and/or fabricated additions and/or alterations to the Wikipedia page relating to A.L.Kennedy and suggests that the page should not be taken as gospel by, for example, the BBC. To this date A.L.Kennedy has not “lived with her cats” or “owned a pet Luwak” or “owned a pet parrot”. Get a new hobby. Please.

You may wish to take a moment and spot the current untrue addition/s by using this link

And whoever thought it was a jolly idea to have “A.L.Kennedy” comment on Ali Smith’s work in the review section of – this really isn’t as clever or funny as you think. Everyone else, please be aware that the “A.L.Kennedy” of these reviews is not the Scottish author featured in this website. The author featured in this website is the one who has to meet Ali Smith socially… Enough please, if you want to diss an author, do it under your own name. The Department takes an extremely dim view.