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Uncle Shawn and Bill and the Pajimminy Crimminy Unusual Adventure

Uncle Shawn has rescued Badger Bill from the horrible MacGloones, and the two best friends are living happily with their llama friends on their llama farm. Only, Bill isn’t sure he is happy. He seems to be making a lot of scones and pancakes and sandwiches for greedy llamas, and not getting much help from Uncle Shawn. To make things worse, a nasty man with shiny shoes and squeaky teeth called Dr. P’Klawz has arrived. He hates fun and unusualness, and it just so happens that Uncle Shawn is the most fun and unusual person around. This time it’s Bill who needs to come up with a plan to rescue Uncle Shawn, but all he has to help him are four bickering llamas, one pirate boy and one invisible girl. What could possibly go wrong?

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