Dr Who And The Drosten’s Curse

This is the first ALK outing into Dr Who territory and deals with strange goings on at the Fetch Brother’s Hotel and Golf Spa, just outside Arbroath. Set in the 1970’s, this adventure features the much-loved fourth incarnation of theread more

All The Rage

This is a short story anthology, dealing with love, loss and – of course – rage. Here’s a rather nice and explanatory review from The New York Times and another from The Guardian.  

On Writing

After six novels, five story collections and two books of non-fiction, and countless international prizes, A.L. Kennedy certainly has the authority to talk about the craft of writing books – it’s just a wonder she’s found the time. These areread more

Blue Book

“The Blue Book” will be out as a paperback at some point in August and we’ll let you have a look at the new cover as soon as possible. We don’t want to give too much away at this point,read more

Indelible Acts

The twelve stories in Indelible Acts are variations on a theme of longing – the unassuagable human need for contact, for completion, for that most fugitive gift of all: reciprocal love. Its characters’ lives are thwarted, dashed, impassioned, each inread more

What Becomes

Here is the hardback cover for “What Becomes” – image created by the excellent gentleman and photographer, Kevin Low. You may wish to order a copy from the splendid WORDPOWER bookshop. Or feel free to make your own arrangements forread more

Everything You Need

Nathan Staples is comsumed by loathing and love in equal measures.He is sustained only by his passionate devotion to his estranged wife, Maura, and their teenage daughter, Mary – whom he hasn’t seen in fifteen years, and who thinks he’sread more


I’m still not listing reviews for Day – It won a Saltire Award, the Costa Prize, the Eifel Literaturpreis, the Austrian State Prize For International Literature and helped me get a Lannan Award – so bits of it are probablyread more

Original Bliss

The stories in Original Bliss are concerned, appropriately, with the complexities of sex and the lack of it. Whether in Copenhagen or New York City, in the close confines of a TV wardrobe department or in weightless outer space, A.L.Kennedy’sread more

So I Am Glad

Jennifer M. Wilson has decided to become a voice. A professional enunciator, an announcer, a voice-over artist, she has retreated into a world of words. Behind the sound-proof double doors of the recording studio she must surely be safe fromread more

Looking for the Possible Dance

Mary Margaret Hamilton was educated in Scotland. She was born there too. These may not have been the best possible options, but they were the only ones on offer at the time. Although her father did his best, her knowledgeread more

On Bullfighting

This book will be about people who risk death for a living. Whatever you or I think of how and why they do this, they are making that commitment every working day- a commitment which I am pointing out Iread more

Night Geometry & the Garscadden Trains

A.L.Kennedy’s first collection of short stories shows a talented individual at work. Her characters are often alone and sometimes lonely as they ponder the mysteries of sex, death and public transport at the end of the twentieth century. Written withread more


Hannah Luckraft knows the taste of paradise. It’s hidden in the peace of open country, it’s sweet on her lover’s skin, it flavours every drink she’s ever taken, but it never seems to stay. Almost forty and with nothing toread more

Now That You’re Back

Tender, precise, comic and chilling by turn, the stories in A.L.Kennedy’s new collection confirm her reputation as one of the most exciting new writers to have appeared in the last decade. Exposing and exploring the sinuous undercurrents of violence anguishread more

Life & Death of Colonel Blimp

Winston Churchill hated The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, and tried to have it banned when it was released in 1943. But Martin Scorsese, a champion of directors Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, considers it a masterpiece. It’s aread more

Foreign Editions

A.L.Kennedy’s work has been translated into a number of languages: Armenian, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Swedish among them. Her principal foreign publishers are: Hanser, Wagenbach and Fischer – for German editions Editions Olivierread more