What Becomes

Here is the hardback cover for “What Becomes” – image created by the excellent gentleman and photographer, Kevin Low. You may wish to order a copy from the splendid WORDPOWER bookshop. Or feel free to make your own arrangements for purchase and delighted posession. Below you can read an extract of the cover blurb, kindly provided by Jonathan Cape.

“Always attuned to the moment of epiphany, these twelve stories are profound, intimate observations of men and women whose lives ache with possibility – each story a dramatisation of the instant in a life that exposes it all; love and the lack of love, hope and the lack of hope.

These men and women are perfectly ordinary people – whose marriages founder, who sit on their own in a cinema watching a film with no soundtrack; whos risk sex in a hotel with an anonymous stranger. They conceal tenderness and disappointment, vulnerability and longing, griefs and wonders…

A.L.Kennedy’s fifth remarkable collection of short stories shows us exactly what becomes of the broken-hearted. She reveals the sadness, violence, hurt and terror, but also the redemption of love – and she does so with the enormous human compassion, wild leaps of humour, and the brilliantly orginal linguistic skill that distinguishes her as one of Britain’s finest writers.”

Listen to a reading of one of the stories given at the 2008 Edinburgh International Book Festival here>>. Recording courtesy of the fine folks at the EIBF.