Night Geometry & the Garscadden Trains

covernight geometryA.L.Kennedy’s first collection of short stories shows a talented individual at work.

Her characters are often alone and sometimes lonely as they ponder the mysteries of sex, death and public transport at the end of the twentieth century. Written with empathy and wit, her intimate narratives expose vast areas of feeling behind the surface of ordinary lives.

Often focused on single women, these stories give voice to individuals who are neither happy nor content within relationships.

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“Prize-winning first collection of 15 stories:small incidents in small-time lives described with touching and troubling honesty.”
Francis Wheen – Independent on Sunday

“The prose is pure, full of tenderness and courage, with a gallows humour.”
Boyd Tonkin – Observer


“A.L.Kennedy: making misery tedious.”
Julie Morrice – Glasgow Herald

ALK: I never did get that made into a T-shirt and am, therefore, at fault.


“Furthermore, it is really difficult for a reader to stick at it when there appear to be so many mistakes in grammar and punctuation that the author’s attempt at experimental writing is fatally undermined.”
Mike Maran – Cencrastus

ALK: “Appear to be – you mean you aren’t sure ? “