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We’ll assume you’re reading this section because you are interested in writing… or you want to write or something in that area. Thank you for visiting – one way or another you are therefore the future of literature. Well done.

Since the upgrade of the website and the publication of On Writing, this area of the site has changed. We can’t really post up material that Jonathan Cape now wants you to buy, or borrow from a library, or steal from a bookshop. or borrow from a friend. (That’s nice – you have a friend. You’re sure you’re a writer?) In fact, Jonathan Cape probably only want you to buy the book… And after that, Vintage will want you to buy the paperback… So the content is available in book form, rather than here. Sorry.

Apart from… possibly the most useful content, which is about REWRITING and represents contributions from a number of writers who gave freely of their time, so that you should use yours more wisely. Writers will do that for if they know you’re serious about the craft you share. So enjoy.

And new content will be generated as time goes by and meanwhile, you can check the On Writing blog that ALK does for The Guardian online.

If you would like there to be an essay here about a specific area, please do – we meant it – get in touch and one may well eventually appear. EMAIL DEPT 5 Meanwhile, good luck with the work.